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What is counselling at the Swan Project?

  • Counselling is a confidential, 50 minute appointment offered weekly at a set day and time.  

  • We offer up to two years of counselling so there is time to build a positive therapeutic relationship.

  • What you want to talk about and achieve from counselling is up to you. 

  • The counsellor will listen, be non-judgemental, emotionally supportive and will enable you to explore any concerns, thoughts or feelings which may feel difficult or challenging.  Exploring our personal history can illuminate our present life and allow us to be more gentle with ourselves.

  • If you have had traumatic experiences, your counsellor will work with you to help you manage the related feelings so that eventually you can work through these events safely.  

  • If the counselling feels challenging, tell your counsellor; it might be that you are revealing difficult things too early. Talking through any concerns about your therapy with your counsellor can be helpful and strengthen the relationship.

  • It is useful to stick with the journey, as all the research shows that the main factor in healing is to do with the counselling relationship, independent of which kind of counselling the therapist provides.

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